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Evaluating the Structure of a Business

Is a sole proprietorship, a C or S Corporation, an Partnership, or Limited Liability Company better for your business? What are the pros and cons? What are the costs associated with each option? What else can a business do to protect itself?

Establish Clear Well Written Contracts to Limit Liability, Mitigate and Protect Against Disputes

Each transaction requires an agreement wherein a business explains what goods and/or services will be provided under what conditions, what is guaranteed, what is not and what restrictions exist? Each contract a business enters should be carefully read, understood and evaluated before signing. Business partners, joint venturers and shareholders require buy/sell agreement and written understandings which provide for every eventuality such as death, disability, divorce, incapacity, voluntary severance, and even where and how disputes will be resolved. Each individual should look to protect his or her rights through proper legal counsel.

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